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YOUR ARTICLE This is a list compiled by Londoners for Londoners, a bunch who know what their talking about and give it their own personal spin...and this is where you lovely people come in. The requirements are pretty simple:

- 300+ Words
- A Top Tip
- Ideally with as many photos (even video) you may have

Do feel free to be creative/add your own flair. To get an idea take a look at some of the articles

WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT The 100 can include specific activities (e.g. cycling Richmond Park), nights (the Rollerdisco in Vauxhall?), collections of things (your favourite food markets?) or anything you can think of.

FREE MUGS Beyond our eternal gratitude if you get an article in you'll get a 100 Great Things About London Mug!! Incentive doesn't get much better than this.

Once done email it to

Otherwise hope you're all well and enjoying London life.

All the Best, Team Sticky

Psssst to keep things mean and a bit green, your Mug may appear in a variety of recycled packaging. Check out these mean flowerpot presentation pots :)