6. Zoo Lates: See the animals in a whole new way!

Going to the zoo doesn't just have to be for toddlers and hassled parents trying to keep tabs on their over excited children, there is in fact a whole animal kingdom out there waiting for the rest of us; Zoo Lates at London Zoo.

As the last of the lunch boxes and school coaches roll out of the gates, the green picnic spaces make way for pop up bars, food stands (from Ostrich burgers to Spanish Tapas), live music, a circus tent and the piece de las resistance, a silent disco - get there early to avoid disappointment, this attraction is almost as popular as the animals!

There is nothing quite like strolling past the lions den, G & T in hand while listening to live music as huge hunks of meat are thrown into the enclosure to get these incredible cats jumping.

As you move across the park the music changes - the hyenas were lucky enough to deserve a Jamaican band which gets the hips moving as you swing on in to the see the giraffes in their stables.

The atmosphere in the place is extremely catching, everyone is full of spirits (emotionally as well as literally!) particularly those keen enough to have dressed up for the occasion - one would be surprised at the number of Primark tiger suits that made it out of the cupboard especially.

We might think that we are no longer children, but you will find that you are just as excited to see the animals as you ever were. So next summer make sure you and a group of friends head to the zoo for what promises to be a fantastic evening.

Ensure you get there in plenty of time if you want to take full advantage of all the stupendous activities and sights on offer as the zoo closes at 10.00 on the dot.

TOP TIP Head on into Camden afterwards to carry on the party - Made in Brazil in Inverness St comes highly recommended if you are partial to a Caipirinha

Author: Arabella Field

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