2. Night at the Museum... without Stiller

So you think you’ve been to the Science Museum? Not like this you haven’t. Keen to get more young adults into science, the museum, alongside others in London, has been throwing their doors open after hours for special Lates events.

Open access, exclusive demonstrations and yes, “refreshments”, combine to make one of the most educational and fun nights you’ll have out in town this year. To get the most out of these events the key is to arrive early and know what you want to see. We went to the Science Museum, V&A and British Library and all were quite busy with queues starting early and demos packed out. However once you get in the door the experience is pretty surreal and quite cool.

For those who visited as a kid the first thing you’ll notice is everything is a lot smaller than you remembered - that’s ok, in fact it’s normal. You can also walk a lot longer without getting tired although if you’re like our group, a strange thirst for intoxicating beverages might overtake you. That’s when you can head to any one of the bars dotted around the museum to pick up some refreshments. Standing next to a piece of the Apollo missions, glass in hand and wondering why you haven’t been already is simply very cool and a nice change from your normal weekday fare.

Best of all events are free so no excuses, get your learning hats on and head down to one of these fantastic evenings - you won’t regret it.

TOP TIP Although there are plenty of drinks to choose from the food situation isn’t as promising so grab a bite to eat beforehand (guys I’m looking at you). The museums near South Kensington especially have lots of cool eateries nearby (try out the Kensington Creperie if you have a sweet tooth).

Author: Thomas Sweetman

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