17. Putting the 'Art' into clogged arteries: London's Fast Food Greats!

So the economic downturn seems to have created a capital craving for good ol' fast food. Here's some of the finest:

Lucky Chip at The Sebright Arms:

A street food take on pub grub. If you like your burgers sloppy, greasy, and named after film stars, Nettil Market's burger van based Lucky Chip have taken residency at the transformed old man's pub The Sebright Arms.

TOP FACT Michael Fassbender has been spotting hanging out here. Maybe he's after a burger in his namesake. Should be aiming for a hotdog from what I've heard… eh… ladies…. eh? No? Ok. Sorry.

Pitt Cue Co

Again from the humble beginnings as a street food vendor, Pitt Cue Co have set up shop just off Carnaby Street. A cosy place with a seating capacity of around a dozen downstairs, Pitt Cue Co specialises in awesome dripping pulled pork in glazed brioche buns, and metal trays of sticky ribs. You might be in for a wait due to it's well deserved popularity, but you can always keep yourself entertained at the bar with a half of their 'WHATEVER' beer and pork scratchings.

TOP FACT Cop Cut Tie is an exciting anagram of Pitt Cue Co.

Honest Burgers

Based in trendy gated food market Brixton Village, Honest Burgers make the best burger I've tasted in London yet. HONEST. Like Pitt Cue, due to it's size you might be in for a wait but it's damn worth it. Served between the best burger buns, the burger is juicy and perfectly balanced with a caramelised onion relish. Goes perfectly with the rosemary salted chips.

TOP FACT In the film Liar Liar, Jim Carey loses the ability to lie due to his son's unexplained magical birthday wish powers. Some would say the moral of the film is HONESTy is the best policy…?


Not entirely a cool independent, but it's worth a mention. Consistently good burgers with a simple menu. Keep an eye out on their specials, which seem to crop up monthly.

TOP FACT They cook their burgers medium, but you can go off piste with a medium RARE if you ask. What a boring fact.

The Opera Tavern

A great recommendation from top burger blogger burgerac.com sent me to this dimly lit tapas based gastro pub - right opposite Shrek: The Musical. They do a great Ibérico pork and foie gras burger. Sounds a bit over the top, but it's definitely worth it. It's small for the price, but the flavour is incredible offset with nice crunchy onion bits.

TOP FACT Like all the other places mentioned, The Opera Tavern are well up on their tweeting. They occasionally tweet off menu special burgers with top secret passwords that make you feel all special.

Author: Joshua Mac

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