15. Just Hanging Around: Rock Climbing at Westway

Ah the mid-week hump! A gritty morning coffee has relieved the lurking hangover, and come 5:30 I’m ready for some alternative evening’s entertainment to celebrate a successful Wednesday.

Londoners are spoilt for choice when it comes to alternatives, but here’s my insider’s tip: try indoor rock climbing.

It’s natural to question the fun of clambering artificial rocks, as well as the sanity of those who flock to it, but give it a go! I challenge you to try it, and I guarantee that after the rush of getting up your first route you’ll have the bug—the ‘climbing bug’. You’ll keep coming back for more.

The great thing is indoor climbing is accessible to all, from those looking to get fit, to those who never ‘did’ sport, as well as those just looking for something a little bit different. There are a number of venues in London, but my local is The Westway. The Westway is a great sports facility catering to a range of sports, asides from the climbing (not that you’ll need them). And, for the healthily inclined they serve delicious smoothies and fresh juices.

For those who have never climbed before, don’t be put off! You can hire all the gear you’ll need at the climbing store next to the walls, and they run taster sessions with trained instructors for the beginner.

So challenge yourself, try something new, the walls await!

TOP TIP And after conquering the dizzying heights and giving yourself a good workout, why not rehydrate and carb-up with a drink and some chunky chips at the local (Garden Bar), conveniently placed thirty seconds from the nearest station. You’ve earned it.

Author: Luke Morrison

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