10. An experimental Sunday @ Brixton Market

For those of you who sing the praises of Borough Market but are hankering after something new, I can not recommend Brixton Indoor Market and the Brixton Electric Avenue Street Market enough. If you are a lover of food, or just enjoy a potter and a nibble, both of these will appeal! Ideal for a lazy late Sunday morning: you can peruse the delights of the markets and then settle down for a spot of lunch in one of the many individual 'retro' restaurants.

These markets have quite an array of ingredients for the budding chefs to try with a whole variety of Caribbean fruit and veg. As a newly converted Asian food fan, Electric Avenue is bursting with interesting pastes, spices and more types of noodle than I knew existed. I find it the perfect place to pick up unusual ingredients to incorporate into my weekly meals and usually pick up some bits for dinner that evening... there is nothing like an experimental Sunday evening meal. The hustle and the bustle of the markets, without the over-crowding of some of the more well known London markets, make them enjoyable for couples of groups, without feeling like you will lose people.

The indoor market has two 'arcades' dating back to the 1920's, with the building just recently achieving Grade II listing building status. Besides the building itself, it houses a unique collection of antique shops, vintage clothing, record shops, grocers, butchers, fishmongers and incredible eateries. I really would recommend incorporating lunch into your outing and sampling from one of these delectable cafes. There are so many to pick from, including Agille Rabit (a laid back cafe with wooden benches and incredible pizza); Elephant (a tiny Pakistani cafe with albeit a small menu, they have delicious thalis); Cornercopia (a prime place to visit for breakfast, with individual toasters at each table and a large selection of jams, not to mention a large deli attached).

My personal favourite and most frequently visited is The Brick Box, a small cafe serving only crepes and galettes (savoury pancakes). The variety of all kinds of toppings from duck eggs, to chorizo to fudge means it is the perfect place for brunch, lunch or afternoon tea. With some of the cafes closed on Saturday and some on a sunday, they each get a fair bat at the customers, and there is always plenty to pick from.

TOP TIP many of the places only take cash so come prepared!

Author: Colette Krawczyk

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